Did the ‘Pink Hat Lady’ command Armed Militia During the D.C. Attempted Coup?

18 Jan

D.C. Riot attracted an odd, combustable mix of extremists: Demonstrators wearing tin-foil hats; carrying spears; dressed in all sorts of inappropriate military camouflage; and wielding beliefs dominated by conspiracy theories from the frightening to the bizarre. One Pennsylvania rioter is even said to have stolen Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s laptop in order to sell to the Russians. Now the Twittersphere has been booster fueled by rumors of “The Lady in the Pink Hat” rumored to have commanded armed rioters inside the halls of Congress during the height of the violence.

The still unidentified woman in a pink knit hat who was coordinating violent rioters with a bullhorn inside the Capitol building and displayed an intimate knowledge of the Congressional floor plan and location

By Nate Thayer

January 19, 2021

Speculation over dark connections between a far right freshman U.S. Congresswoman, Lauren Boebert, who has held office less than a week, and highly organized elements of the armed rioters who took control of the Capitol, has reached a fever pitch. And a growing frenzy of social media mobs suspect it is aa still unidentified middle aged woman dubbed “The Lady in the Pink Hat.”

FBI Wanted Poster for the Lady in the Pink Hat

Intercepted audio communications and videotapes have emerged suggesting rioters conducted surveillance inside the Capitol building prior to, and coordinated tactics during, the January 6 storming of the Capitol. Federal law enforcement called has declared the issue a “top-tier priority” and vowed a thorough investigation, and other elected Congressman insist that coordination between plotters inside Congress and the rioters occurred prior to the attack.


Some people are insinuating the still unidentified “Lady in the Pink Hat” is the dark hand behind the organized putschists, and a considerable number of them believe her to be the mother of the far-right extremist freshman representative from Colorado, Lauren Boebert.

The Pink Hat Lady at the height of violence when police barricades were first overrun

The allegations took on high drama as the focus zeroed in on a middle-aged woman with a bullhorn wearing a pink knit hat who, video-shows, helped smash a window to breach the capitol, and then barked orders revealing an intimate knowledge of the floorpan of the Capitol’s interior, and bears a remarkable resemblance to Congresswoman Boebert’s mother.

Woman in a pink, knit hat wielding battering ram is identified as a coordinator of armed rioters after the breached the Capitol building

Several elected officials say that rioters that breached some offices in the Capitol building had to have been guided by someone familiar with the layout.

The private office of Congressman Jim Clyburn–known as a ‘hideaway’ and accorded only to select senior elected officials, was looted and Clyburn is convinced that it had to be an inside job. These hideaways have no markings or nameplates and are separate from the public offices of elected officials.

Similarly, rioters located the private offices of Speaker Pelosi in less than 15 minutes of breaching the Capitol, and both federal elected officials and the FBI suspect that someone tipped off and directed the violent mob to zero in zeroed in. Clyburn is known to have an iPad stolen and Pelosi a computer laptop.

Clyburn told CNN’s Jake Tapper he believed “something untoward may have been going on.”

“I have an unmarked office—you got to know exactly where it is,” the South Carolina Democrat said. “It’s where I spend most of my time doing my work as the majority whip.”

“For some reason, these people showed up at that office. But the office where my name is on the door was not disturbed. I’m just saying, they didn’t go to where my name was…Yes, somebody on the inside of those buildings were complicit in this.”

“We saw congress[woman] Boebert taking a group of people for a tour sometime after the 3rd and before the 6th,” in the 48 hours before the riot, Rep. Steve Cohen told CNN Monday.

Riot organizer (L) and Congresswoman Boebert (R)

But Congresswoman Boebert has denied “The Pink Hat Lady” is her mother. Boebert tweeted that during the insurrectionist coup attempt on January 6, her mother was not at the Capitol. To add to the confusion, her mother she was in lockdown in the Congresswoman’s office on the 6th. Both women denied that the Congresswoman gave a tour to her. “I did not give any tours between Jan 3rd and 6th,” she responded in a tweet.

The mother, Shawna Roberts, also known as Shawna Bentz, who owns a saloon in rail, Colorado is known to be a flamboyant, gun-slinging, ardent Trump supporter. She is also known to be currently in Washington, D.C.

Meanwhile, federal law enforcement has made it a stop priority to find the facts.

The FBI has appealed to the public to help identify the “Pink Hat Lady,” releasing more than a dozen photographs taken from video of her during the riot.

Other photos taken from the thousands of videos taken during the turmoil January 6

Pink Hat Lady is shown wielding a heavy two-by-four using it as a battering ram to smash heavily fortified bullet proof windows to create an opening where armed militia, many dressed in camouflage and wielding everything from baseball bats to spears to bear spray.

After breaching the window, the unknown middle-aged woman began barking orders through a bullhorn to dozens of her apparent subordinates ransacking offices in the Capitol.

After the woman breached the window with a battering ram, she produced a bullhorn and began giving detailed instructions of floorpans in the Capitol building

“Hey guys! I’ve been in the other room. Listen to me,” she barked at marauding rioters giving instructions. “In the other room on the other side of this door where the feet are standing there is a glass that if somebody, if it is broken you can drop down to a room underneath it.”

“What’s the floor plan?” yelled a frantic long-haired man from inside a nearby office.

Video of the unidentified woman instructing rioters by bullhorn showing intimate knowledge of the floorpan of offices in Congress

“There is also two doors in the other room, one in the rear, and one to the right when you go in. So, people should probably coordinate together if you’re going to take this building,” instructed Pink Hat Woman. “We got another window to break to make it in and out easy. And this window here needs to be broken,” she said, bullhorn in one hand and pointing through the shattered window with her other.

Meanwhile, other connections between Congresswoman Boebert, her mother, and armed, violent insurrectionists emerged over the weekend.

A far right extremist, Robert Gieswein, 24, of Cripple Creek, Colorado was arrested for assaulting a police officer and breaking into the capitol building, entering through the same window that Pink Hat Lady shattered with a battering ram.

Colorado militiaman Robert Griesein breaching police lines
Griesein entering a shattered window at the Capitol building

Gieswein, who adheres to a sect of far right extremists known as ‘3%ers’, heads a Colorado militia group, the “Rocky Mountain Oathkeepers” as well as running an armed militia training camp named the “Woodland Wild Dogs.” 

Griesein, after accessing the Capitol building wearing jungle camouflage, a tactical vest, stitched cloth patch that read “My mother thinks I’m special’, and carrying bear spray in one hand and a baseball bat in the other

Gieswein was photographed inside the capitol wearing military tactical gear, a bullet proof vest, cloth patches that read “My Mother Thinks I’m Special,” and carrying a can of aerosol Bear Spray in one hand and a baseball bat in the other.

But Gieswein and Congresswoman Lauren Boebert are connected by a November 2019 photograph which emerged showing Gieswein and three other armed militiamen posing  flashing white supremacist hand symbols in front of the Shooters Grill in Rail, Colorado—the saloon that is owned by Boebert’s mother.

Colorado militiaman, now under arrest by the FBI, shown posing at the saloon owned by Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s family. The men are flashing white supremacist hand signals. Photo taken in November 2019


There were “perhaps some type of communication with core groups of people ingressing into the Capitol,”acting U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia Michael Sherwin said, adding his a “Tier 1 top priority” for his prosecutors to find out “whether there was this overarching command and control and whether there were these organized teams that were organized to breach the Capitol, and then perhaps try to accomplish some type of a mission inside the Capitol.” 

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