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Unpaid Newspaper Blogger Says Enough: New No Pay Contract Now Demands All Rights to Photos, Writing Forever

20 Mar

Unpaid Newspaper Blogger Refuses to Sign New No Pay Contract After New Demand of All Rights of  Her Writing and Photos in Perpetuity: Several of the Papers 28 Bloggers Have Joined Her Refusing to Sign Today’s Contract. Blogs Removed From Paper’s Website

By Nate Thayer

March 20, 2013

This morning,  28 unpaid bloggers for a “big time” New York state newspaper received a new contract which requires them to agree to not only no payment for their work, but demands they turn over all rights in perpetuity for their writings and photographs as well.

The new contract comes shortly after the paper began creating a revenue stream from placing advertisements on the blogs.

One popular blogger said enough is enough, and refused to sign the contract. The paper promptly removed her blog from its website. At least two other of the newspapers bloggers have joined the woman and refused to accept the contract terms, and said enough is enough. A published author, writer, photographer and freelance journalist, Cindi has been a blogger since 2007. You can contact her at  mylifeinfocus (at) yahoo (dot) com

In the wake of  the recent kerfuffle regarding similar practices by the Atlantic magazine, the blogger is among hundreds who have sent me similar messages

A published author, Cindi is a freelance journalist and photographer who had, until this morning, a very popular blog at a “big time” newspaper, which she asked remain unnamed for the time being, for which she was paid exactly nothing–as are all the other bloggers at the paper.

After recently putting advertising on the blog sites, the newspaper, which Cindi asked remain anonymous for now, sent the bloggers an email which mentioned they would be getting a new contract soon. It arrived this morning. Continue reading

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