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How–And Why-The New York Times Didn’t Interview Pol Pot

23 Jan

How–and Why– The New York Times Didn’t Interview Pol Pot

By Nate Thayer

January 23, 2014

After I interviewed Pol Pot in July and October 1997, my excellent magazine, the Far Eastern Economic Review–the sister publication of the Wall Street Journal and both owned by Dow Jones–nominated me and the story for a Pulitzer Prize.

It was a long shot as the Pulitzer is eligible only to correspondents for American media organizations, and the Review was incorporated in Hong Kong. However the story did run the same day on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, so the WSJ asked me to write a bried outline of how the story came about for the Foreign Editor, John Bussey, to formally draft a letter to the Pulitzer committee. Here is one such exchange of letters I wrote to my editor, the extraordinarily talented in his own right Nayan Chanda of the Far Easter Economic Review: Continue reading

A Reporter’s Trek Through Cambodian Minefields, Pursued By Soldiers

22 Jan

A Trek Through Minefields, Pursued By Soldiers

From my files: News articles I am digitally archiving here on this blog site. This story was written in 1990 after a many weeks walk deep through the jungle with Cambodian guerrillas. It was the first independent confirmation of guerrilla claims of advances made during the then 11-year old war.

^Cambodia-Reporter’s Trek<


AP_NY FORN: For Use As Advance. With Wirephotos<

A Trek Through Minefields, Pursued By Soldiers

EDITORS NOTE: Nate Thayer, a reporter for the Associated Press in Bangkok, Recently completed a five-week, 700-kilometer (450 mile) trek with guerrillas in Cambodia. It was the most extensive such trip ever taken by a reporter. Here is his account:

By Nate Thayer

^Associated Press Writer=

LAND MINE MOUNTAIN, Cambodia (AP)— “Don’t step off the path. There are mines everywhere,” the guerrilla warned over the din of rockets and artillery shells crashing ahead of us.

The road ended abruptly at what the guerrillas called “Phnom Din”–Land Mine Mountain. It marked my departure from Thailand and the start of a trek deep inside this ravaged nation.

My aim was to confirm for the first time claims of unprecedented guerrilla victories in the 11-year-old war against the Vietnamese installed government.

I accompanied 150 guerrillas loyal to Prince Norodom Sihanouk through three Northern provinces–over mountains and minefields, across enemy lines and secret jungle paths to newly seized towns and front-lines.

It took 17 days, the first 12 in the jungle, to reach the big town of Stoung on Highway six in the center of the country. It was the headquarters of the guerrilla “liberated zones.”

“We all remember the Prince Sihanouk times. That was when there was no war and enough food,” said Reng Phum, 77, crying ina village near Stoung.

” I pray  everyday that Prince Sihanouk will come back. We have suffered very much. Do you think he knows how much we have suffered since he left us?”

Sihanouk ruled for three decades until he was ousted in a U.S. backed military coup in 1970. Cambodia was engulfed in civil war from 1970-75. From 1975-798, hubdreds of thousands of people died in starvation, disease and executions under the fanatical Khmer Rouge. The current war has gone on since the Vietnamese invaded in late 1978.

Government artillery shook the earth every day protesting the guerrilla advances throughout the country’s north.

Tens of thousands of villagers were seen in rice fields, markets, and schools in areas under guerrilla control. Totaling more than 700 towns and villages, it was the first major region controlled by non-communist forces in Indochina since the U.S. troops fled fifteen years ago.

Everywhere I went, hundreds of villagers gathered for their first ever sight of a foreigner. Some had walked for days to do so.

“Are they all fat and bald?” asked one elderly woman who stared at me for hours.

Heavy fighting erupted as more than 1,000 soldiers were ordered from three provinces to get me.

Soldiers seized villages hours after I visited.

“They were looking for the American. More than 300 of them,” A farmer told us in Kvav village. “Which way did the American go? How long ago was he here?” They asked.

Guerrillas said 45 government soldiers and to guerrillas died in these clashed. One terrifying night, we fled through the jungle from 500 soldiers stalking us after clashing with our advance team.

The government army radio announced a reward for my capture worth $1000 U.S. dollars.

The guerrillas moved me every day, fearing that government snipers disguised as villagers were seeking the reward, which was more than ten years income for the average Cambodian. They disguised me in traditional scarves and military uniform.

“I think you are worth more than $1,000 dollars,” guerrilla commander Col. Khan Savouen said to console me.

As we began the ten day walk to the Thai border, we talked by radio with guerrillas fighting soldiers on our pursuit.

We slept in hammocks slung between trees and ate rice supplemented by lizards, snakes, deer, monkeys, wild boar, spiders, turtles all kinds of flying insects and other jungle creatures whose identity I could not even guess. Except for the crunchy, hairy insects, they were surprisingly tasty.

“We really need to do something about this insect problem after we get peace, “one guerrilla said from under his mosquito net.

Thousands of Khmer Rouge and Sihanouk guerrilla shared the jungles, but many passed each other without exchanging a word or a smile.

More than a dozen Khmer Rouge guerrillas defected to the Sihanouk side during the trip. They came in groups of two or three at night, whispering requests to switch sides.

The Sihanouk guerrillas gave them new clothing to replace the green Chinese-style Khmer Rouge uniforms, to avoid protests from Khmer Rouge unites.

Khmer Rouge guerrillas were shocked to see a Westerner in their jungles. Many young fighters spoke of entire lives in the jungles, without family or enough food or medicine.

At the base of a mountain near the Thai border, we found an unconscious Khmer Rouge fighter abandoned by his unit four days before. Ants were eating him.

A Sihanouk guerrilla carried him all day to the top of the mountain, and medics treated his malaria.

“They left me to die,” h said, on the verge of tears. “They even took my pack and hammock.”

” My uncle sponsored me to join the Khmer Rouge last year,” he said. “But when I couldn’t walk they just left me to die. I had no food and water for four days.”

” I can’t go back to my village because the government is taking all the men and forcing us to be soldiers. I guess I will stay with those who saved my life and go home after peace,” he said, his voice quivering.

We left Cambodia as we had entered it–through minefields.

We waited for hours while mine specialists probed the area.

“Don’t go one step off the path,” Col. Som Narin said. “There are so many mines left by so many people nobody knows where they are anymore.”

The next ten kilometers (six miles) were horrifying. We saw dozens of mines, the thin green trip wires blending with the thick foliage. Around us were trees with pieces of clothing hanging off their branches–they belonged to people blown up by mines.

For hours, no one spoke, their eyes locked on the ground.

“People still step on mines on this path every week,” said Som Narin. “it is just a matter of chance.”


AP-21-07-90 1506GMT<


The Private Letters of a Foreign Correspondent: Communicating With the Khmer Rouge; CIA Spy Accusations; Nomination for a Pulitzer Prize

21 Jan

Select Private Correspondence from the Files of a Foreign Correspondent: 

By Nate Thayer

I have been doing some tinkering and final revisions and editing of my upcoming book Sympathy for the Devil: A Journalist’s memoir from Inside Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge  and have been distracted as I sort out old papers, correspondence, raw notes, and files, many which have jogged both pleasant and unpleasant memories. They include letters ranging from my suspension for being accused of being a CIA operative, to letters to guerrilla commanders thanking them for assisting me after I was wounded in battle, to secret correspondence from and to the Khmer Rouge in the jungles, to letters nominating me for a Pulitzer Prize.

Below are a few selections of such correspondence. But first a pitch for funding to bring to fruition my campaign to publish my book and related accompanying data and documents and videos of interviews with the Khmer Rouge leaders and and observations of the Khmer Rouge and modern Cambodian political history.

Please excuse, in advance, the insufferable self-promotion which I must engage in, seeking funding, over the coming weeks. Believe me, it mortifies me, but the new realities of journalism are that individual investigative journalists must seek independent financing and engage in self-marketing as the institutional support of large media companies has evaporated. I, and my colleagues who share my belief in in-depth, long term investigative journalism, almost universally no longer have institutional backing or other means of income to pay for the considerable costs of our genre of investigative journalism. It is, indeed, expensive and time consuming and requires considerable resources. It is also, in my opinion, both endangered and vital.

Pol Pot lying down, dead: Nate Thayer standing up, alive. Photo (c) Nate Thayer. No reproduction, transmission or use without express written permission of the author

Pol Pot lying down, dead: Nate Thayer standing up, alive. Photo (c) Nate Thayer. No reproduction, transmission or use without express written permission of the author

Photo: Pol Pot, lying down, dead. Nate Thayer, standing, alive. It is unclear who looks like more of a threat to society…

Two weeks ago, I posted a video clip as a preview to the impending launch of a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the publication of my book “Sympathy for the Devil: A Journalists Memoir from Inside Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge” and associated other historical material. That Kickstarter campaign will officially be launched by the end of January, 2014. It has encountered several, routine delays, including being denied permission to use the soundtrack of the Rolling Stones song of the same title–Sympathy for the Devil–which was the soundtrack accompanying the video of the Kickstarter campaign.

All fair enough, save it requires the remixing and editing of the video. That, and a few other normal bureaucratic glitches, has meant the launching of the Kickstarter project will take a few extra days, commencing by the end of  January.

But Kickstarter is only one way to support this project, and the project, which is requiring most of my full-time effort now, will be at full speed once sufficient funding is raised to underwrite the substantial costs. There are several ways to participate in supporting this project.

All support, no matter how small or large, is both needed and welcome with gratitude.

The costs for a high quality production of this project are substantial. The details of what it will cost, and the specific funding targeting each aspect of the larger project, to bring these projects to fruition will be laid out in the Kickstarter campaign.

Any thoughts, criticisms, or comments are welcome here, or by email at, or through my blog site at

Meticulous records will be kept for all donations, and a strict budget of specifically calculated and targeted expenditures will be maintained and available upon request to anyone who asks for it:

I will officially be launching a Kickstarter campaign within 10 days to raise the necessary funds for the publication of my now completed manuscript  Sympathy for the Devil: A Journalist’s Memoir from Inside Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge, as well compiling and making available for the historical public record hundreds of hours of related, un-redacted archive videos, interviews, transcripts of the former, and extensive internal Khmer Rouge secret documents I have compiled over decades of chronicling Pol Pot, his Khmer Rouge, and contemporary Cambodian Political history.

Along with the hardcover book, with extensive photographs and documents–which is now more than 800 pages and will require a lengthy professional edit to pare it down to approximately 400 page, there will be an E book. Another more academically oriented book may also be a result of the efforts, with the objective of the main book being a serious history of modern Cambodian politics that is told in an accessible first person memoir to maximize its accessibility to a popular general audience.  It is comprised entirely of first person original research from my years of reporting from and on Cambodia, with a special focus on Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge. The project will also include hours of raw video and audio interviews of Pol Pot and the entire senior Khmer Rouge leadership who remained alive after they retreated to the jungles in 1979 after their three years in power, including Nuon Chea, Ta Mok, Khieu Samphan, Chief executioner Duch, and others.

Transcripts of these audio and video interviews will also be made available in their entirety.  Summarized video presentations and written synopsis’ and analysis articles written by me will be included, but the raw data will also be available so anyone interested can form their own conclusions, if they choose, based on the raw data.

Accomplishing this project will be expensive, and its realization and success depends on your support.

Direct donations of financial support, however small or large, to enable this history to be told and made available, is crucial.

It simply cannot succeed without considerable support, through direct funding. I have no institutional support from any organization and its success will depend on individuals.

Also crucial to the success of this effort is sharing over social media and through other means, including to organizations or individuals whose interest, organizational objective, or whose philanthropic abilities allow support for this project.

It will be a partnership between those who find the objective worthy of support and myself and the team of skilled professionals necessary to bring the project to fruition. The sharing of this project, and how to support it, and information of the objectives and final product with your friends and colleagues and others who might be interested or able to contribute support if they deem the project worthy, is vital to its eventual success.

In order for this to be accomplished, the project needs to secure the expertise of several professionals with specific skills, who, rightfully, need to be paid for their work. They include book manuscript editors, graphic artists, IT specialists, computer programmers, publishers, layout specialists, and various people with related technical skills for ensuring excellence in quality, organized accessibility, and quality presentation of the final product.

Aside from the impending Kickstarter launch, there are other ways to support the project immediately. This is crucial and much appreciated and will immediately be put to use to allow us to proceed efficiently, immediately, and without interruption from absence of funds.  For those inclined or willing to support the project, in addition to, separate from, or prior to the official Kickstarter launch, it is both needed and appreciated.

We have begun focusing on the project full time, but do not have adequate funds to engage the professional expertise and resources necessary to move forward at this time .

At the end of this Blog post, are several ways to make your contributions and show support for this project.

Pol Potbeing led away from his jungle trial. June 25, 1997. Photograph (c) nate Thayer

Pol Potbeing led away from his jungle trial. June 25, 1997. Photograph (c) nate Thayer

Here are random select documents of correspondence related to the search to understand and access the Khmer Rouge in their final years:

In the summer of 1992, I was accused–by persons unknown to this day–of being a paid operative of the Central Intelligence Agency. These charges were made to the then Associated Press Foreign Editor, Tom Kent, who, without a shred of evidence suspended me from my job as the AP Bureau Chief for Cambodia until an investigation was launched and completed, which of course proved the allegations to be spurious and unfounded.

I had been with AP since 1989 covering the war in Cambodia based from the Thai border and their myriad of guerrilla and refugee camps. I made 41 trips into the guerrilla controlled zones between 1989 and 1991, lasting from a day to two months in the jungle covering firefights, war, and its related deprivation and human suffering. I was paid a salary of $400.00 a month. After the signing of the Paris Peace Agreements in October 1991, I was sent to Phnom Penh to be the Bureau Chief for AP in Cambodia, reopening the AP office 17 years after it was shuttered when the Khmer Rouge seized power in April 1975.  My salary was raised to $800.00 per month–no expenses included, which meant I had to pay for my own accommodations, food, and communication to file stories, which I did through Bangkok, which were then sent to the AP Asia desk in Tokyo, and then on to the AP world desk in New York. I was hired by the AP legendary correspondent Dennis Gray, the Bangkok Bureau Chief and long time correspondent in Vietnam and Cambodia. He joined the AP after a stint as an army intelligence officer in Vietnam. He was, and remains, a man of great integrity, news sense, skill, and most importantly, an impeccably decent man and fair minded man.

In the summer of 1992, Tom Kent embarked on a whirlwind tour of the Foreign Bureaus of the AP to get a sense of what was happening inside the worlds biggest news organization of which he presided. I had never met the man. I do remember when, in October 1989, while on assignment for the AP, I was seriously injured by landmines while covering the war in Cambodia, killing or wounding everyone I was with. The only message I got from the New York HQ was not from Tom Kent, but from the AP lawyer, making it clear I was not a staff correspondent and while they felt terrible about the numerous broken bones, shrapnel injuries and brain damage I suffered, they were not responsible for any of my medical bills or other ramifications of the incident. Tom Kent did, however, play the story of “their” AP correspondent being wounded while getting what was at the time a minor world scoop after the Cambodian guerrillas captured their first district capitol in the 12 year old war, as a major top world story on the AP wire, and it was widely published globally.

Dennis Gray, the Bangkok Bureau chief, was considerably more professional and sympathetic, though a miser when it came to compensating his correspondents under the charge of his Bangkok Bureau’s. He was and remains a foreign correspondent’s correspondent.

There is also no greater honour than having one’s work recognized for its quality than by one’s colleagues. Below are selected correspondence that remain deeply appreciated by me from some of them.

Letter from AP Bangkok Bureau Chief Dennis Gray to General Dien Del, the Commander in Chief of the Khmer People’s National Liberation Front

October 20, 1989

Gen. Dien Del


Khmer People’s National Liberation Front

Dear General Dien Del:

I wish to thank you and your fellow KPNLF officers and soldiers for the help you gave our reporter Nate Thayer, both in allowing him to report from Cambodia and in taking care of him after he was wounded.

We would also like to express our sympathies for the soldiers who died and were wounded along with Nate.

Nate tells us he received excellent treatment at the KPNLF field hospital and that you were kind enough to call on him personally in Aranyaprathet.

Please accept our regards and thanks,

Dennis Gray

Bangkok Chief of Bureau

Associated Press

Letter from AP Bangkok Chief of Bureau Dennis Gray to Tom Kent, Foreign Editor of the AP, New York August 1992:

To: Tom Kent

From: Dennis Gray

Subject: Thayer

Dear Tom,

Since Thayer’s abilities, etc. came up several times during your visit, I thought I should add a postscript:

From Tokyo and Seoul have come kudos for his performance in North Koreaa, which was totally foreign ground to him, and he won very high praise from very-hard-to-please (Peter) Eng for coverage of the recent Bangkok demos (In which the Thai army killed hundreds of peaceful demonstrators protesting a coup d’etat during days of violent street fighting). So I am very pleased with our team here now—if we could only settle the Indochina matter.

A last thing on Thayer, which aroused my fury again today due to a lunch conversation I had with a Time magazine colleague from Hong Kong who said Thayer is being branded a “CIA type” by someone on the Far Eastern Economic Review. As you know, this type of thing can be very damaging to both individuals and companies. There is not one shred of evidence that Nate is working for anybody bt the AP and the occasional, legit media strings he has, or is an advocate of any one side in Cambodia or elsewhere. Should anybody in D.C.– or here–say otherwise, I suggest we threaten them with assassination–or at least a kick in you know where. Agreed?

All Best,



Classified letter from The U.S. Ambassador to Cambodia Charles Twining to the Cambodian Interior Ministers on threats to press freedom and journalists,  after several journalists were assassinated, and plots to assassinate me were intercepted by U.S. intelligence, June 1994:

Department of State













Letter to Khmer Rouge President Khieu Samphan from me July 29, 1996 after having been summoned across the planet to their jungles to be lectured by a mid level Khmer Rouge official who wanted their message delivered to the United States Government:

HE Khieu Samphan


Party of Democratic Kampuchea

Dear President Khieu Samphan:

Please allow me to express my appreciation for the recent invitation to meet your representative HE Mak Ben in the liberated zones of Cambodia under the administration of Democratic Kampuchea.

As always, I am very interested in hearing in detail and in person, the DK analysis of Cambodian politics. And, as always, I am committed to reporting accurately and without bias on Cambodian affairs. As you know, this commitment has contributed to me being expelled from Phnom Penh by the current authorities who are unhappy with my reporting on important issues that concern the nation and the people.

However, I am disturbed by perhaps a misunderstanding on the part of Democratic Kampuchea on what my job is and who I work for. Let me be very and unequivocally clear: I am an independent journalist. I do not nor have I ever worked for the United States Government or any other government. I am not an agent of the CIA nor am I an agent of any arm of any government.

I was clearly under the impression from my meeting with Mak Ben that Democratic Kampuchea believes me to be an agent of the United States government and that you had requested to see me in order to relay a message to the American authorities.

If you were to ask me–which you did not–specifically to send a message to US authorities, I would be happy to do so. I have very good contacts, as you know, with key people involved in Cambodian affairs in a number of governments, including the United States. If I can contribute to a better understanding between the DK and any other government, that is good for Cambodia and I am happy to do my part to help Cambodia.

But it is not my job.

Frankly, to spend the equivalent of two months salary on flying around the world to meet Mak Ben for three hours for the sole purpose of relaying a message to the United States government is, mostly, a waste of my time. It seemed that none of the issues that I had asked to talk about during my previous trip to the liberated zones in May were taken into consideration.

I was treated with a lack of respect for my professional duties as a journalist and historian.

I am a journalist working for the Far Eastern Economic Review. Because of difficulties with the Phnom Penh authorities, I am no longer able to effectively report from Phnom Penh. While I remain the Cambodia correspondent for the Review and will continue to write on Cambodian affairs for them, I am now based in Washington as a visiting scholar of Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies, Foreign Policy Institute. This is a respected Washington University influential in foreign policy affairs.

I am working on a book on post 1978 Cambodian political history. This book will detail the struggles of the various political factions since your political organization was in power until 1978 until the current period. Obviously the struggles of the DK play a key,  significant and dominating part of this period of Cambodian history and I want to reflect accurately the leading role of your party and army during this period. If you choose to talk to me about it, I would be honoured. The book I expect will be widely read by policy makers and historians and it is important that people understand the nature of your struggle. I would hope that you would find it important to invite me back to discuss this important part of Cambodian history. This would require I meet senior leaders of the DK Party.

I am officially, once again, requesting that I be able to meet you, Pol Pot, Nuon Chea, Ta Mok and other key leaders of your movement. But let me be clear: Do not invite me back if I am only to be lectured by a mid-level cadre such as HE Mak Ben and treated as though I am a messenger boy for the U.S. government. It is a waste of my time, money and effort.

Lastly, and importantly, I wanted to follow up on a matter of great personal interest to me that I raised several times before, including in my recent trip where I met HE Mak Ben in the liberated zones. During the last months, I have followed with great interest the fate of my friend Christopher Howes, who was seized by your forces while conducting humanitarian work removing land mines from  agricultural areas in rural villages near your liberated zones.

I have received irrefutable and precise and clear information from Cambodian and other sources that Chris has been killed by forces under your command. I know this to be true. His family and the international community want and need to know the proof of the fact that Chris is dead so they can rest in peace from a traumatic months of anguished uncertainty. I am sure you are aware that all over the world during times of conflict that these situations arise and that innocent people die after straying into harms way. I will ensure that you will be given due credit as having acted on humanitarian good will by providing proof of Chris’s death so his family may have some closure to this unfortunate tragedy.

Please contact me to let me know what I can do to help bring this chapter, which has brought the DK considerably bad publicity and will continue to do so, until there is proof and closure to Chris’s case.

I would like to request once again that I be able to meet with you and HE Pol Pot and speak about important Cambodian political issues of newsworthy interest to the Far Eastern economic Review., but I am on a limited budget.

Do not invite me back if I am only to meet with a low ranking cadre such as Mak Ben. It is, frankly, a waste of my time, effort, and money. My trip to accept your invitation to the liberated zones where I met Mak Ben cost me a huge portion of my total budget to research my current work projects, and I have to be very careful how I spend my money. 

As you know, I have devoted much of my professional life to attempting to report fairly on Cambodian political issues because of my great fondness for Cambodia and its people.

My current situation allows me to have significant influence on those involved in making foreign policy decisions regarding Cambodia. But in order for me to have influence, I must have knowledge. In order to have knowledge and credibility, I must have access. I think you can see we have some common interests here. So once again, I request formally that you allow me to visit the liberated zones to speak with you and to HE Pol Pot on these issues of critical importance to Cambodia and its future.

If I can not meet with people of your rank or senior, please do not, in the future, waste my time or yours.

With Sincere and warm regards,

Nate Thayer

Cambodia Correspondent

Far Eastern economic Review


Letter to a senior Khmer Rouge cadre based at their clandestine jungle headquarters of Anlong Veng, responding to his handwritten, hand delivered messages to me by human runners in Phnom Penh, June 1997:

Dear XXX,

I have been here in Surin for several days. I got your messages. I am sending this note with our Thai friends.

I would very much like to see you. Maybe our Thai friends can request if you ask them to. Please stay in contact. I will await your reply. I hope you are safe and well.

Best regards,


Another message from me given to a Cambodian government general on a remote mountain military base in the northwest Cambodian jungle, late June 1997. He was on a secret visit by helicopter to Khmer Rouge headquarters delivering ammunition to Khmer Rouge forces mutinying against Pol Pot but not yet successfully:

Dear XXX,

I hope you have received my messages through the usual channels. I am writing this from O’Smach where I came yesterday driving by car from Siem Riep.

I very much want to come talk to you or Khieu Samphan and understand the real situation regarding Pol Pot. If I was to see you, your message would be spread clearly and honestly to the world. Now everyone is very confused as to the changes in the DK leadership and what your objectives are.

The reason is there is no independent confirmation of anything. This I could provide so the world could receive your message clearly.

You would then not have to worry about efforts to distort or block or manipulate your message. I will report the facts honestly, as you know well over the years.

Please make arrangements with our Thai friends and/0r friends in the Cambodian government to invite me and give permission for me to enter Anlong Veng and your liberated zones. I can either cross from Thailand or cross from the Cambodian side in the jungles near O’Smach.

I will await your reply through the usual channels or through General XXX XXX

I hope you are healthy and safe.



A few days later, in June 1997 after Pol Pot had been captured by mutinying forces, a hand scrawled message delivered to me on a mountain top in Northwest Cambodia when a helicopter briefly touched down, a soldier ran out and gave me a scrap of paper, from the same senior Khmer Rouge cadre by Cambodian government military intermediaries:

Dear Friend,

I am pleased to receive your short message. We have many difficulties and I have a lot to talk to you about. I will meet with you soon. The time and place will be arranged later with the help of our Thai friends. You can trust them.



Handwritten letter to me hand delivered in Phnom Penh June 22, 1997 by the governor of Siem Riep province, General Tuon Chhay. General Tuon Chhay, a senior Funcinpec official, had just defected from the Funincpec Party in an internal rift. Ten days before Pol Pot had assassinated his defence Minister, Son Sen, and Khmer Rouge troops had mutinied against him. While there had been no formal confirmation, Pol Pot and his loyalists had been captured by the Khmer Rouge army chief and confusion reigned in the jungles and Phnom Penh as to what the true situation was. A week later, Hun Sen and the CPP would launch a coup against Funcinpec and a new civil war erupted:

Dear Friend,

I am well as are my colleagues.

I fought the leadership in the Party of HE Prince Ranariddh because otherwise the Funcinpec Party will go down. But I have small support from the high ranking officials of Funcinpec, but the grassroots people and the older Funcinpecists support me.

I have learned the real situation of Funcinpec but the corrupt high Funcinpec people (the high ranking one did not) do not realize that the Funcinpec will be driven down. They are spoiled by the victory of the last election. They do not think to work properly as I had expected, but the CPP does their job.  I feel very ashamed of Funcinpec and of the CPP.

Now they accuse me that I sell my head to be a puppet of the CPP.

They know (Funcinpec) how to criticize, but they do not know how to work.

The relations, cooperation  and collaboration with the CPP is destroyed. Each side, they move to strengthen their own parties but not the government. There is no political stability.

Today, June 22, my close little brother went to Anlong Veng. He saw Pol Pot who is staying in a secret house. He (P.P) looks very old and very sick.

Within the next few days, Khieu Samphan will declare from Prwah Vwihear temple to abolish his Khmer Rouge party as well as their provisional government of “National Solidarity.”

Chan Youran, Pech Bun Reth, Mak Ben, Tep Khun Nal, Thioun Thioun, Ko Bun Heng were all captured since June 15 by Ta Mok. Now they stay in Anlong Veng.

Your Friend,


A week later, the CPP launched a coup against Ranariddh and Funcinpec, killing hundreds, and driving tens of thousands to the jungle and across the border to Thailand. One month later, on July 25, 1997, I was allowed into the jungle headquarters of Anlong Veng, where I witnessed and photographed the jungle trial of Pol Pot. It was the first time he had been seen or photographed in two decades.


Letter from the Foreign editor of the wall Street Journal nominating me for a Pulitzer Prize, January 1998:

My nomination for the Pulitzer Prize by the Wall Street Journal–1998. This letter of nomination was written by the WSJ Foreign Editor John Bussey:

January 5, 1998

Urban Lehner

Nayan Chanda

Nate Thayer

Urban/Nayan/Nate—Here, FYI, is my nominating letter for Nate’s story. I’m entering it for U.S. newspaper awards: the Pulitzer, the Polk (already sent) and the OPC. Just a reminder: I wrote this for strategic reasons, in a manner that emphasizes the U.S. newspaper coverage, noting that the story was published in the Review the same day.

Best, Bussey–NY

Pulitzer nomination, International Reporting

Nate Thayer’s Interview With Pol Pot

In the pantheon of 20th century butchers, Pol Pot has always rated a spot on the A-list. The world lost count of how many Cambodians he and his genocidal Khmer Rouge killed during the 1970’s and subsequent years. The accepted figure: somewhere in the millions.

For the last twenty years, Pol Pot remained a murderous enigma–a shadow variously reported deposed, injured or dead. No one outside the innermost circle of his communist cadre had even spoken with the man. The most recent photograph of him dated from 1979. On the run, deep in the Cambodian jungle, criss-crossing his killing fields, Pol Pot eluded his enemies, eluded accountability, eluded explanation.

That is, until freelance reporter Nate Thayer, at great personal risk, tracked down and interviewed Pol Pot. It was the journalistic coup of 1997. Writing for the Wall Street Journal in the U.S. and its sister publication, the Far Eastern economic Review in Hong Kong, and publishing his exclusive interview on the same day in both the Journal and the Review, Thayer ripped away Pol Pot’s anonymity. His feature length story, written under intense deadline pressure, was riveting: Here was the mass murderer, unrepentant,explaining the geopolitics of genocide, talking wistfully of fatherhood and his 12-year old daughter–writing history. Thayer’s story was an international sensation, and virtually every major publication and broadcaster in the world picked up lengthy excerpts. Indeed, no single international story in 1997 transcended Thayer’s blockbuster interview with Pol Pot.

Sometimes the story behind the story is as exemplary, and this is one of those times. Nate Thayer’s pursuit of Pol Pot began in 1989, when he started reporting from Thailand on the Khmer Rouge. Freelancing for U.S. and Asian publications, he made dozens of trips into the jungle, sleeping and eating with the guerrillas, reporting on firefights, gaining the confidence and respect of all sides in the deadly conflict. On one reporting trip he was gravely injured when the truck he was riding in hit a land mine, killing several of his companions.. He contracted cerebral malaria, and was hospitalized several times. His stories inevitably infuriated one side or the other. One commander broadcast a reward for his capture; another ordered him assassinated on sight.

All the while, Thayer pressed to see Pol Pot. In June of this year, he sensed his opportunity was at hand: Khmer Rouge radio announced Pol Pot had been arrested as a traitor. Thayer began working his extensive set of guerrila contacts in Cambodia, Thailand and Europe, sending messages through operatives and meeting in the jungle with field commanders. He sometimes found himself in the thick of the fighting–only to retreat and start the process over again.

In a letter to his Journal editors, Thayer writes about one trip into a Khmer Rouge zone this summer: “We were not told where we were going or who we were going to meet. I was very aware that the last three Westerners who had gone to this exact area had been murdered and that a government negotiating team that was invited in February had been ambushed and that 11 of the 15 members of the team were executed. The others are still being held hostage. We did not know who was in control–whether anyone was in full control–and whether there were factions that opposed my visit. The jungle was thick along the road as we descended the mountain, a place easily ambushed. I had been ambushed before in guerrilla areas after being assured that the areas were secure. It was not irrelevant that the Khmer Rouge executed many foreign journalists in their day. I was not relaxed.”

His years of cultivating friendships with peasant commanders paid off. After five months of working his network, Thayer was taken into the jungle and permitted to watch a Khmer Rouge trial of Pol Pot, and then, several weeks later, granted the first interview in two decades with the deposed despot.. His extraordinary freelance story on October 23 in the Wall Street Journal and the Far Eastern economic Review was the result. (Thayer subsequently, in November, joined the Review staff.)

For his notable courage, and top notch journalism, we are pleased to nominate Nate Thayer for the Pulitzer Prize in International Reporting.

October 23, 1997, Wall Street Journal, An Interview With Pol Pot: Master of the Killing Fields, By Nate Thayer


Award from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, November 1998, Harvard University

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

1998 Award For Outstanding International Investigative Reporting

Judges Commendation

The winner of ICIJ’s first award for international investigative reporting rescued history with his courageous and enterprising reportage on the final days of Pol Pot.

He illuminated a page of history that woul have been lost to the world had he not spent years in the Cambodia jungle, in a truly extraordinary quest for first-hand knowledge of the Khmer Rouge and their murderous leader. His investigations of the Cambodian political world required not only great risk and physical hardship but also mastery of an ever-changing cast of factional leaders.

His amazing persistence, as well as endurance and bravery, allowed him to be a witness to the final days of one of history’s most barbaric despots. he was the only representative of the press allowed to attend the jungle trial of Pol Pot by his disillusioned Khmer Rouge Peers. He was the only Westerner later to be able to interview Pol Pot at length.

he, alone, was able to ask the murderer the eternal question—why?–on behalf of the millions of Cambodians exterminated under the Pol Pot regime.

His reporting was serious and informative on the factions and personalities that led to a once untouchable ruler being tried by his own people. And, yet, he was extremely restrained about his own presence. A lesser journalist would have drawn attention to his achievement in obtaining these worldwide exclusives.

Nate Thayer’s years of hard work, detailed reporting, and clear understanding of Cambodia’s murky politics gave the world a ringside seat at the demise of one of the most notorious leaders of the 20th century.

The judges, therefore, would like to commend you, Nate, for a remarkable piece of journalism and present you with this first ICIJ Award for Outstanding International Investigative Reporting.

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One Can Never be too Vigilant in the Defence of a Free Press

14 Jan

The Tools of the Trade–Journalism Cambodia Style–1990’s

The Free Press Preparing for another Day Keeping the People Well Informed Without Fear or Favour. Me and my closet of goodies Phnom Penh, Cambodias Photo-Ira Chaplain

The Free Press Preparing for another Day Keeping the People Well Informed Without Fear or Favour. Me and my closet of goodies Phnom Penh, Cambodia Photo-Ira Chaplain

Covering the Cambodia debacle in the 1980’s and 1990’s was an assignment fraught with danger and intrigue. The Khmer Rouge had executed more than 4 dozen foreigners–the vast majority journalists. Their primary opposition, the Vietnamese backed and installed government of Hun Sen, has summarily targeted and murdered dozens more, in addition to burning their offices after they were ransacked by government mobs, jailing dozens more, and scores received regular death threats. Scores more fled the country. This is in addition to the pervasive organized crime figures, who held powerful sway over the entire government leadership.

This photograph, by freelance shooter Ira Chaplain, shows me in front of my closet, which was equipped for pretty much any contingency, at my office and residence at the Phnom Penh Post, a fearless advocate, purveyor and defender of a free press which I remain proud to have been its senior correspondent. No better paper existed, in my mind, in the world in the 1990’s.

The assortment of Russian, Chinese, U.S., and other weapons, along with enough kit to equip a platoon at a moments notice if we were required by events to go to the bush, shows one can never be too careful or unprepared when defending the ability of a free press to carry out its duties. Plus it was fun……

One can never be too vigilant in defending the right of a free press to carry out their duties without fear or favour. Superior firepower often is a useful tool toward that end.

Sympathy for the Devil: A Journalists Memoir from Inside Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge

13 Jan

UPDATE: Kickstarter campaign for publication of “Sympathy for the Devil”.

Please excuse, in advance, the insufferable self-promotion seeking funding. Believe me, it mortifies me more than it will annoy you.

Two weeks ago, I posted this video clip as a preview to the impending launch of my Kickstarter campaign to fund the publication of my book “Sympathy for the Devil: A Journalists Memoir from Inside Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge.”


That campaign will be officially launched soon. It was delayed after I sought and was denied permission to use the soundtrack of the Rolling Stones song of the same title–Sympathy for the Devil–as a soundtrack for the campaign.

All fair enough, save it requires the remixing and editing of the video. That, and a few other minor, routine bureaucratic glitches, has meant the launching of the project may take as much as two more weeks to commence, but will be launched this January.

In the meantime, I am proceeding ahead with the production process. All support, no matter how small or large, is welcomed with gratitude.

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Along with the approximately 400 page hardcover book and an E book,  this project will make available for the historical record hundreds of hours of related, un-redacted archive videos, interviews, and transcripts I have compiled over decades of chronicling Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge and contemporary Cambodian Politics. It will include hours of raw video and audio interviews of Pol Pot and the entire senior Khmer Rouge leadership who remained alive after they did what they did.

The project needs to secure the expertise of professionals, who, rightfully, need to be paid. They include manuscript editors, graphic artists, and various people with related technical skills for ensuring excellence in quality and presentation of the final product.

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Korean Sex, the Atlantic magazine, and Ted Koppel: What visitors wanted to read in 2013

2 Jan

My 2013 statistics for my blog,, have been summarized and broken down. They provide for interesting, sometimes disturbing, sometimes humorous, sometimes enlightening,and to me, fascinating insight into how and why people decide to visit an online site, via what social media networks, from where the readers live, and what topics interest them.

508,000 readers came from 215 countries to read 134 stories published in 2013. The top two stories did not, importantly, involve the area of my professional focus–North Korea and Cambodia– but rather were stories regarding the malfeasance of the corporate media world. They were A Day in the Life of a Freelance Journalist—2013 with 269,765 visitors and How Ted Koppel and ABC TV Tried to Steal my Life Work with 100,123 visitors.

Readers came via scores of referrer sites, but were dominated by Facebook with 92,000, Twitter 74,962, Search Engines 46,786, Reddit 30,368, 14,228, Hacker News 6,285, and 4,231, among many others.

I consider my blog, through a willful act of self delusion, not to be really publishing my professional work but more as a digital personal diary which I share with whoever has an interest. It is rife with grammatical, spelling, design, and other errors.

I do not promote it, save for it automatically links to twitter, my public Facebook page, and LinkedIn. Often, I will post the material on my personal Facebook page, as well.

I do not advertise nor have I tried to make money off of it, although,as of last week, I have now begun to, since it takes up a considerable amount of my professional time. Recently, I had a friend, my tech Guru, put a Paypal button on the site for those interested in supporting my writing.

In 2013, I had 508,000 + people come read my blog. There were 86 new posts, growing the total archive to 134 posts. This is an average of about 1 and ½ stories a week. And there were 580 pictures uploaded–about 2 pictures per day.

The busiest day of the year was March 5th with 131,748 views. The most popular post that day was A Day in the Life of a Freelance Journalist—2013.

Below, for those interested in the mechanics of how readers arrive where on the internet, is a detailed view of what stories were popular, which online sites drive the most traffick, where people who read these sort of stories live, and what search engine terms are used to land people on sites such as mine.

These are the most popular posts of the year. Note that not a single one includes a story that is related to my primary professional focus of North Korea or Cambodia.

• 1 A Day in the Life of a Freelance Journalist—2013 820 comments March 2013
• 2 How Ted Koppel and ABC TV Tried to Steal my Life Work 56 comments December 2013
• 3 The Atlantic feels the heat from journalism for no pay business model: “Our Freelance Rates Vary” says Editor James Bennet 34 comments March 2013
• 4 Teenage Daughter of Google Chief Spills The True Story on North Korea Visit: Puts to Shame Free Press, Dad, and U.S. Government 8 comments January 2013
• 5 Happy Chinese New Year in Cambodia: Corrupt Govt Officials Hand Cash to Hundreds of Soldiers 2 comments February 2013

What drove people to read the blog? The top referring sites in 2013 were:

And then there were search engines. The top terms that people punched in that resulted in them landing on my blog were:
“choeung sopheap”, sophie schmidt google, nate thayer, korean sex, and westboro baptist church phone number.
Here is the complete list of the top stories read in 2013 on my blog, and how many readers visted each story. Note that my area of professional expertise holds relatively little interest for most of my readership:
The top stories viewed this year by rank:
Top Posts for 365 days ending 2014-01-02 from 2013-01-02

Title Views
A Day in the Life of a Freelance Journalist—2013
How Ted Koppel and ABC TV Tried to Steal my Life Work
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The Atlantic feels the heat from journalism for no pay business model: “Our Freelance Rates Vary” says Editor James Bennet
About Nate Thayer
Teenage Daughter of Google Chief Spills The True Story on North Korea Visit: Puts to Shame Free Press, Dad, and U.S. Government
Happy Chinese New Year in Cambodia: Corrupt Govt Officials Hand Cash to Hundreds of Soldiers
Thoughts on the Death of Mass Murderer Ieng Sary:Cambodian Political Culture and North Korea
BREAKING NEWS: Dark Hand of British Royal Family behind Secret Murder of Kate’s Morning Sickness Nurse
Nate Thayer–Awards and Honors
Google Chief’s Teenage Daughter Blog Puts AP North Korea News Bureau to Shame: A Comparative Analysis
Robot Sex Poll Reveals How I Got Invited–Then Uninvited–As Guest on Huffington Post Live TV Show
25 Years of Slam Dunk Diplomacy: Rodman trip and history of U.S.-North Korean basketball diplomacy
Oops….Sorry About that Austin, Texas
Frequent Flyer’s Guide to North Korean Air: a Review of World’s Only One Star Airline
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The Plague of Online Plagiarism: A Case Study of the Anatomy of Journalistic Theft from my Facebook Page
The Night Pol Pot Died: Excerpts from unpublished manuscript “SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL: A JOURNALIST’S MEMOIR INSIDE POL POT’S KHMER ROUGE” By Nate Thayer
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Westboro Baptist Church Pickets Newton School Funerals: Say Kids Deserved to Die Because America Loves “Fags”
Reuters Story on Google Head Visit to Pyongyang Datelined Seoul Devastates AP report from North Korea Bureau
One Israeli assassin, a North Korean train explosion, dead Syrian scientists, fake Canadian passports, Dubai and New Zealand arrest warrants, and a poisoned Hamas guerrilla
What Did Che Guevera and Kim Il Sung Have in Common? They were both Racist Bigots
Boston Massacre: April is the Holy Week for Homegrown U.S. Terrorist Movement
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A letter to a young Cambodian-2013: Reflections on a toxic political culture
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Dying Breath: The inside story of Pol Pot’s last days and the disintegration of the movement he created
Somalia Pirates Hijack North Korean Ship, Then Decide it Isn’t Worth it and Turn Themselves In
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Sleep With the Angels, Buddy: Photographing the Death of My Friend
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Pyongyang Porn: “Some readers may find the book objectionable” @NKNewsorg
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“The ethics of not paying writers in exchange for ‘exposure’: A debate #paythewriter
I’m leaving, on a jet plane–Edward’s excellent spy adventure
Lunching With Mass Murderers: Khmer Rouge leaders explain why they slaughtered their own people, and why it was, really, for the best: Excerpts from “Sympathy for the Devil” By Nate Thayer
Musician’s Protest Goes Viral: Corporations offer no payment in exchange for “exposure”
North Korean Tourism Dwarfed by Visitors to Elvis,South Korea For Nose Jobs, Thai Sex Change Operations
‘See Angkor and die’
The Death of Credible Media in the Internet Age: Media More Dead Than Non Existent GF of Sports Celebrity
(unknown or deleted)
The Night I Lived: Landmines, war and journalism: Excerpts from Sympathy for the Devil
A Peak In the Public Mailbox: Debate on state of journalism runs from supportive to, well, very not–with a dash of the amusing and odd.
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Oops. That Hits a Bit Close to Home: Second Thoughts on North Korean Propaganda
Google search terms which drove readers to my blog: Alert Homeland Security or throw a block party?
Corruption: American Style. U.S. foreign policy leadership for sale to those who give the most cash
An Invitation to the Khmer Rouge Controlled Jungles: A travel Itinerary to the World’s Most Clandestine Guerrilla Army
How White Are You? And What The Heck is a “Cornball Brother”?: Important Questions in Sports Journalism
Unredacted Manifesto of America’s Most Wanted Fugitive: Ex LA Cop Details Why He is on Killing Spree
ESCAPES: The Living Fields; Cambodia’s Most Famous War Reporter Retreats to Dorchester County, Md.
For Pyongyang, Global Digital Revolution for Foreign Eyes Only:You Tube Bans North Korean Video
To my friend, Buddy
The Spy Sub, A Poisoned Diplomat in Russia, and a Naked, Drunk American Preacher in Pyongyang
(unknown or deleted)
Vietnam Era Renegade Army Discovered: Lighting the darkness: FULRO’s jungle Christians
Spies and Journalists: Excerpts From Sympathy for the Devil by Nate Thayer
Working Third Shift In A Hotel: My Life as a Pimp and Dope Dealer
North Korea’s Hall of Mirrors: Fake Global Network of Shell Companies Key to Illicit Arms Exports
Why I am a Journalist: Continued….From a Daughter in Exile From her Own History
Freelance Investigative Journalist Who is Convinced Rupert Murdoch and Arianna Huffington are Satan
“I am scared that tonight I will die” A reporters diary from Baghdad @Nate_Thayer
Full Resources of the U.S. Military Tracking Santa Claus: Nuclear and Missile Defence Systems Distracted
Fleeting Thoughts on the Death of Human Interaction in the Digital Age
Mississippi Elvis Impersonator Terrorist Suspect Claims U.S. Coverup After Finding Body Parts in Refrigerator
(unknown or deleted)
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GRATITUDE: Thoughts on being born free
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“Who is that singer? Johnny Jackson? Like he says, ‘We are the World!’ We are with the West! Let’s join together!” said a Khmer Rouge cadre
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Thayer Targeted by Dangerous, Volatile Social Media Campaign in Case of Mistaken Identity
All eyes on U.S. prisoner during Dennis Rodman return visit to N. Korea
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Washington tells bar owner to rename cocktail or face justice
The violent consequences of the North Korea-Syria chemical arms trade
Websites Hacked of Cambodian Secret Political Police and Supreme Court Charged with both Protecting the Assassins of Political Opponents and Jailing Opposition
An Airplane From New York to Tokyo With a Pit Stop In Heaven
Out of 7,000 Internet Readers of This Blog Today, Exactly Zero Came From North Korea and Precisely One From China
Artist with “Strange Watch” Charged with “Possessing an Explosive Device” at U.S. Airport: Cite “watch itself was on incorrect time.”
North Korea Launched Missive Against Foreign media ‘Rat-Like Imbeciles’
Mr. X, the Cop, and the Heng Samrin: Why being a Journalist is the Best Job on Earth
Dennis Rodman steals ball from U.S. govt as N Korea cancels U.S. mission to free prisoner on eve of Rodman visit
America’s Embarrassing Dirty Little Secret: The Loopy Conspiracy Theorists Live Next Door
Excerpts from my unpublished book “Sympathy for the Devil: A Journalists Memoir from Inside Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge”
New Edition Of ‘Bible Of Psychiatry’ Combines Witch Doctor Hocus Pocus With Boneheaded, Unsupported Diseases in the Service of For-Profit Dope Dealers Industry
“Capitalism Has No Future” North Korea Announces: “It is a matter of time for Capitalism to disappear from history.”
The Night Pol Pot Died-Excerpts from “Sympathy for the Devil: A Journalist’s Memoir from Inside Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge”
Cambodia: Asia’s New Narco-State? Medellin on the Mekong
Chinese Official People’s Daily Reports as Serious the Onion’s Spoof Naming Kim Jong Un ‘Sexiest Man Alive’
Travels With Vice President LBJ: “Son, if you do this again, I am going to poison your soup.”
Analysis of What Topics Interest Readers of My Blog Alarming: Sex, British Royal Murder Plot, CIA Mistress Outperform North Korea, Cambodia, Pol Pot, Journalism
All of Kim Jong-un’s men
North Korea: The World’s Only Mafia Crime State
POL POT: THE END Far Eastern Economic Review
Evidence Suggests Readers of Thayer Blog are Certifiably Bonkers
‘We are the World!’ Excerpts from “Sympathy for the Devil: A Journalist’s Memoir from Inside Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge”
Thai Border: A Wild West of Anarchy
North Korea: A Criminal Syndicate Posing as a Government
Tycoon Says He Financed Hun Sen Coup
North Korea IDs Mystery Woman as Kim Jong-Un’s Wife—But Who Is She, Really?
As Sappy an Appreciation of Thanksgiving That Will Ever be Offered from a Grateful if a Bit Loopy American Citizen
Drug Suspects Bankroll Cambodian Coup Leader
Arrest for Insufficient Mourning at Funeral of Kim Jong Il? Unlikely Media Hype

Among the other notable search terms that somehow had visitors land on my blog included the following. Note the dominance of the theme of sex in search terms. Note also that I have essentially never written about North Korean sex because I essentially know nothing about North Korean sex:
korean sex
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Visitors came from 215 countries.

Below are the entire statistical details for the year 2013, including the precise number of visitors who arrived via which social media sites:
2013-01-01 to 2014-01-01:

Referrer Views
Twitter 74,962
Search Engines 46,786
Reddit 30,368 14,228
Hacker News 6,285 4,231 2,531
Google Reader
1,803 1,780 1,749 1,573 1,533 1,501 1,286 1,222 1,221
1,098 1,068 925 915 907 889 840
840 836 819 757 733 662 628 Reader
605 585 578 578 568 538 536 534
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263 262
WordPress Dashboard
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Google 47
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StumbleUpon 9
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Here is a complete breakdown of the search terms used that arrived at my blog during 2013 ending 2014-01-01

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en zain, a malaysian resident, is a freelance writer of articles and author of several books. in 2008, he translated a literary work at the specific request of the ministry of education. his income from royalties and expenditure for the year ended 31 december 2008 are as follows 3
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en zain, a malaysian resident, is a freelance writer of articles and author of several books. in 2008, he translated a literary work at the specific request of the ministry of education. his income from royalties and expenditure for the year ended 31 december 2008 are as follows: compute the statutory income from royalties of en zain for the year of assessment 2008.: 3
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en zain, a malaysian resident, is a freelance writer of articles and author of several books. in 2008, he translated a literary work at the specific request of the ministry of education. his income from royalties and expenditure for the year ended 31 december 2008 are as follows: 3
nathaniel thayer atlantic freelance 3
the dark side of the british monarchy 3
Unknown search terms


These are the visitors who read my blog from each country, with a breakdown of how many from where:

Country Views
United States 293,728
United Kingdom 37,210
Canada 35,054
Australia 19,355
Germany 10,975
France 6,974
Cambodia 6,852
India 4,865
Netherlands 4,573
Ireland 3,817
Spain 3,432
Thailand 3,323
Sweden 3,145
Singapore 2,865
Republic of Korea 2,850
Brazil 2,634
New Zealand 2,580
Japan 2,480
Italy 2,328
Hong Kong 2,299
Finland 2,197
Philippines 2,134
Switzerland 1,949
Belgium 1,782
Viet Nam 1,758
Israel 1,719
Denmark 1,688
Norway 1,645
Malaysia 1,450
South Africa 1,446
Indonesia 1,375
Mexico 1,312
Russian Federation 1,235
Austria 1,161
Poland 1,042
Turkey 1,012
Portugal 899
Greece 873
Romania 827
United Arab Emirates 788
Hungary 637
Czech Republic 624
Bulgaria 548
Argentina 539
Taiwan 523
Pakistan 520
Egypt 514
Slovenia 497
Ukraine 481
Kenya 395
Lebanon 375
Serbia 354
Chile 312
Qatar 299
Colombia 286
Croatia 266
Myanmar 258
Saudi Arabia 246
Peru 215
Bangladesh 193
Nigeria 188
Sri Lanka 182
Uganda 182
Estonia 167
Puerto Rico 161
Iceland 160
Slovakia 158
Jordan 155
Morocco 144
Lithuania 141
Costa Rica 141
Nepal 137
Latvia 137
Luxembourg 135
Ghana 134
Iraq 119
Ecuador 118
Cyprus 116
Bosnia and Herzegovina 116
Lao People’s Democratic Republic 112
Afghanistan 111
Venezuela 111
Malta 106
Kuwait 104
Guatemala 91
Palestinian Territory, Occupied 89
Mongolia 79
Panama 79
Dominican Republic 78
Trinidad and Tobago 75
Barbados 75
Tunisia 73
Jamaica 73
Yemen 71
Belarus 68
Albania 67
Georgia 66
Bahrain 59
Bhutan 58
Uruguay 57
Senegal 54
United Republic of Tanzania 53
Zimbabwe 53
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic 52
Bahamas 52
Côte d’Ivoire 50
Macao 48
Honduras 45
Oman 45
Fiji 43
Haiti 41
Nicaragua 40
Brunei Darussalam 38
Malawi 38
Mali 36
Algeria 35
Libya 34
Ethiopia 34
Zambia 31
El Salvador 31
Guam 31
Moldova 31
Isle of Man 31
Jersey 30
Bermuda 30
Azerbaijan 30
Armenia 29
Kazakhstan 28
Mozambique 28
Mauritius 28
Rwanda 27
Cayman Islands 27
China 25
Belize 25
Bolivia 24
Namibia 23
Liberia 23
Maldives 21
Virgin Islands 21
Cook Islands 21
Tajikistan 20
Cameroon 20
Kyrgyzstan 19
Sierra Leone 18
Paraguay 17
Benin 16
Antigua and Barbuda 16
Réunion 14
Burkina Faso 14
Democratic Republic of the Congo 14
Guernsey 14
Djibouti 14
Montenegro 13
Syrian Arab Republic 13
Botswana 12
Grenada 12
Monaco 12
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 11
Sudan 10
Angola 10
Somalia 9
Turks and Caicos Islands 9
Guyana 9
Uzbekistan 8
Gibraltar 8
Cuba 8
Timor-Leste 8
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea 8
Aruba 8
Suriname 7
Papua New Guinea 7
Martinique 7
Lesotho 6
British Virgin Islands 6
Gambia 6
Åland Islands 6
Andorra 5
Northern Mariana Islands 5
Madagascar 5
New Caledonia 5
Guadeloupe 4
French Polynesia 4
Saint Lucia 4
Dominica 4
Greenland 4
Niger 4
Faroe Islands 4
Vatican City 4
Togo 3
Swaziland 3
American Samoa 3
Saint Kitts and Nevis 3
Anguilla 2
Gabon 2
French Guiana 2
Seychelles 2
Vanuatu 2
Cape Verde 2
Falkland Islands (Malvinas) 2
Mauritania 2
Solomon Islands 2
Congo 2
Liechtenstein 1
Iran, Islamic Republic of 1
Guinea 1
Micronesia, Federated States of 1
Palau 1
Tonga 1
Samoa 1
Sao Tome and Principe 1

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