Mississippi Elvis Cum Terrorist Impersonator Leaves Trail of Social Media Clues

17 Apr

Mississippi Elvis Cum Terrorist Impersonator Leaves Trail of Social Media Clues

By Nate Thayer

April 17, 2013

It is too bad I am not a spot news reporter anymore because this Elvis cum terrorist impersonator from Mississippi has left a goldmine of good stuff on his social media footprint.

Paul Kevin Curtis, the Mississippi man arrested for sending Ricin poison letters to the White House and his U.S. senator, is an Elvis impersonator. Is this a great country or what?

But he seems to stand a reasonable chance of getting off on account of being a couple of wontons short of a pu-pu platter.

In information released prior to his arrest in an intelligence bulletin obtained by the Associated Press, the FBI reported that both letters use the quote: “To see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance.” And both are signed, “I am KC and I approve this message.”

A Facebook Page registered to “Kevin Curtis (Elvis Guy)”   of “1 800 JUSTICE BLVD Tupelo, MS 38801” also uses the quote:”To see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance and “this is KC and I approve this message.”

On April 12, the Elvis impersonator terrorist from Mississippi endorsed the democratic candidate for Mayor in Tupelo, using the same exact phrase he used on the Ricin poison letters to Obama: “I am KC and I approve this message.”

If anyone from Mississippi is looking for a good local angle for the story, here it is from Paul Kevin Curtis FB Page: “((VOTE)) for my good friend Jason Shelton TUPELO MAYOR! Jason cares about we the people..ask me how I know either in a PM or this open forum…there will be NO SECRETS! This is KC and I approve this message.”

I wonder if Mayor Shelton has had any comment.

One FB post from this month seems particularly apropos:

“Hmmmm..This is just a crazy guess on my part (and what do I know, I’m just a performance artist with a fetish for pretty arched feet) buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut…I’m thinking that no matter WHAT laws are EVER passed thru the REVOLVING doors of our justice $y$tem & Congress…..that BAD PEOPLE who refuse to allow God into their hearts will ALWAYS find a way to get their cowardly little hands on a weapon……I might also ad that if a person spends enough time on thinking how to take another person’s life, he or she could do so with a hair pin, a thumb tack or a wall clock (they just don’t have the “CLIP” like those ole nasty assault weapons do. I’ll leave you with one question……………”WHY IS IT GOOD OLE SAM WALTON CAN INSTALL THE EYES OF HEAVEN CAMERA SYSTEM IN EVERY WALMART OF THE WORLD WHERE THEY CAN SEE THIEVES COMING AND/OR GOING FROM A MILE AWAY AND CATCH 98% OF THOSE WHO TRY TO STEAL THEIR MERCHANDISE YET WE CAN’T APPLY THAT SAME TECHNOLOGY TOWARDS SECURING OUR SCHOOL SYSTEMS AND PROTECTING OUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET WHICH IS OUR CHILDREN…………..LEADERS OF THE FUTURE”? HMMMMMMMMMM”

TheBlaze.com reports that in a 2007 post on RipOffReport.com Curtis had sent  a number of letters to the same Mississippi senator who received the Ricin poisoned letters this week.

“I sent letters to State Representative Roger Wicker, Senator Trent Lott and Thad Cochran. I never heard a word from anyone. I even ran into Roger Wicker several different times while performing at special banquets and fundraisers in northeast, Mississippi but he seemed very nervous while speaking with me and would make a fast exit to the door when I engaged in conversation leading up to my case against NMMC.”

Kevin Curtis from the 2007 RipOffReport.com post writes he was fired from the North Mississippi Medical Center after he found “dismembered body parts” and a “severed head.”

“I escorted a young radiology technician to the morgue as she did not believe me. When she saw the body parts and severed head, she could not believe it either. We told every single person in Radiology what was in the old upright refrigerator.

I immediately noticed a change in the atmosphere. Security guards were all of a sudden around me…walking behind me and I could hear video camera’s zooming in on me as I walked down the hallways that night. Security followed me to the time card machine that night for the first time in 14 months.

The following day, I was called over the loud speaker for the first time since joining the team at NMMC. I was questioned by men I had never met in my life. I was asked to sign several false documents stating I was in an area of the NMMC that I was not authorized to be in and would be hereby suspended without pay while the matter at hand was investigated. I did not go to law school like my sister but I knew better than to sign something like that.”

“3 Years of research lead to countless court battles, cops harassing me weekly, death threats, personal & financial losses, several thefts, my home burned down, car exploded, marriage dissolved & bankruptcy,” says the 2007 post. “I have no faith left in the Mississippi Justice system. I feel my coming forward with my story and releasing it to news media all over the USA in 2001 has helped expose the illegal body parts and organ trade market world-wide,” he concludes. “I personally sent out more than a million emails in one year detailing what happened to me when I found the body parts at NMMC.”

The last FB post from Curtis was shortly before his arrest around 5:00 on Wednesday: “

“Family Of Jeff Bauman, Double Amputee In Viral Photo, Learned Of Injuries On Facebook”
Thank God for Facebook eh? (or is it “Mark Zuckerburg”) or is it those other teenagers from Harvard “they say” really created the software plan and Zuckerburg stole it from them)?? Which ever…who ever..THANKS…if it were not for you facebook…we would never find out in REAL TIME about our friends and family dying or being brutally killed in a car accident…you are always right there ON THE SCENE Facebook..who needs Dan Rather these day????? Hmmmm”

On his Facebook page, under “political views” Paul Kevin Curtis wrote: “Is facebook.com REALLY a place to advertise our political views? Really…throw me a frickin bone here someone!.”

It appears Mr. Curtis has thrown federal prosecutors a very big bone indeed.

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