Out of 7,000 Internet Readers of This Blog Today, Exactly Zero Came From North Korea and Precisely One From China

21 Jan

Out of 7,000 Internet Readers  of This Blog Today, Exactly Zero Came From North Korea and Precisely One From China

A Brief Data Report Addressing the Thousands of Speculative News Stories in Recent Days on the March Towards an IT Revolution by Pyongyang and a Commitment to a Free Press In Beijing

By Nate Thayer

In case anyone was confused about censorship of, or access, the internet In North Korea, I received 7,113 page views on this blog so far today from 91 countries. More than 75% of those visitors came to read stories I had posted on North Korea.

There were precisely zero people who visited from North Korea.

And perhaps more interestingly, there was exactly 1 visitor from China. Unless one includes “Taiwan, Province of China”, which had 12 visitors, or Hong Kong, which had 44, or Macao which had 3.

South Korea, or better known as the Republic of Korea, had 141 visitors.

There were more readers from the “Palestinian Territory, Occupied” with 2, Guernsey (1), Senegal (2) Liberia (2), Guam (2), Iraq (6), Republic of Moldova (3), Afghanistan (9), and Slovenia (21) than there were from China, a country with one quarter of the world population which shares a land border with North Korea, and poses major strategic, security, economic, foreign policy, and political policy issues for Beijing and the citizenry of the People’s Republic.

Either the Chinese people have particularly shrewd and discriminating literary tastes, or their leaders are fucking around with internet access from the rest of the world on issues that, anywhere else, would be a given as a matter of public interest

Here is a breakdown of the countries from whence visitors to this blog came from today:

Country                Views

United States    3,965

Germany             830

United Kingdom 394

India      338

France  316

Canada 287

Australia 194

Singapore 165

Republic of Korea 141

Japan    110

Switzerland 103

Thailand 77

Austria  66

Cambodia 55

Finland 53

Belgium 51

Netherlands 47

Norway                45

Hong Kong 44

Indonesia 34

Romania 34

New Zealand 27

Philippines 25

Greece 22

Slovenia 21

Mexico                 20

Portugal 19

Turkey 18

Brazil     18

Ireland 18

Czech Republic  18

Sweden               17

Denmark 16

United Arab Emirates     15

Italy  15

Sri Lanka 15

Spain  14

Malaysia 14

Taiwan, Province of China 12

Poland 12

Afghanistan 9

Chile 8

Russian Federation 7

Viet Nam 7

Qatar 7

Bangladesh 7

Israel 7

Zimbabwe 6

South Africa 6

Bosnia and Herzegovina 6

Iraq 6

Saudi Arabia 6

Egypt 5

Estonia                 5

Costa Rica 5

Kuwait 5

Mongolia 4

Albania                 4

Luxembourg 4

Macao 3

Jordan 3

Republic of Moldova 3

Panama 3

Pakistan 3

Palestinian Territory, Occupied  2

Hungary 2

Slovakia 2

Nepal 2

Senegal 2

Myanmar 2

Liberia 2

Guam 2

Tunisia 2

Bulgaria 2

Ukraine 2

Venezuela 2

Georgia 2

Colombia 2

Bahrain 2

United Republic of Tanzania 1

China 1

Lao People’s Democratic Republic 1

Bermuda 1

Latvia 1

Jamaica                1

Kyrgyzstan 1

Argentina 1

Morocco 1

Montenegro 1

Kenya 1

Guernsey 1





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