North Korea Announces 2013 Slogan is “building of an economic giant” as “Space Conquerors”

14 Jan

North Korea Announces 2013 Slogan is “building of an economic giant” as “Space Conquerors”

The ruling Korean Workers Party organ, Rodong Sinmun, has an article announcing this year’s new slogan is “Let us bring about a radical turn in the building of an economic giant with the same spirit and mettle as were displayed in conquering space!”

They declare this ‘is the slogan the people of Korea should uphold this year”, adding “the slogan is pervaded with the urgent requirements in the present times.”

They mention the phrase “space conquerors” 7 times in the article, including ordering the population to “thoroughly embody the white gem-like loyalty of space conquerors” adding it is ‘imperative to struggle and create like the space conquerors” and adding the “people should make their hearts burn with the great national pride and revolutionary self-esteem of living in Korea of the sun, holding in high esteem the peerlessly great man recognized by the world.” to “push back the frontiers of latest science and technology just as the satellite scientists conquered space” in order for Pyongyang to ‘continue ‘advancing ahead of other countries in the world, racing against times” in order to bring about “an epochal phase in building an economic power” as those ‘displayed in conquering space.”

Meanwhile, the UN estimates that millions are suffering from severe malnutrition, the country is unable to provide heat or electricity in the homes or offices throughout the country, and North Korean bans listening to radio, TV, any phone contact with or literature from outside the country, as well as, of course, any technology that is able to contain or transmit information, including the internet, thumb drives, cd’s, or other communication or computer equipment.

Setting aside the fact that 21 countries have successfully launched satellites, and the one launched by North Korea last month is known to be tumbling uselessly in space and was, in honesty, not a “weather satellite” but the testing of a long range ballistic rocket system designed to attach a nuclear bomb to reach the U.S., it would seem they have a their priorities a bit skewed.


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