Analysis of What Topics Interest Readers of My Blog Alarming: Sex, British Royal Murder Plot, CIA Mistress Outperform North Korea, Cambodia, Pol Pot, Journalism

6 Jan

Analysis of What Topics Interest Readers of My Blog Alarming: Sex, British Royal Murder Plot, CIA Mistress Outperform North Korea, Cambodia, Pol Pot, Journalism

I have analyzed the reasons people arrived at my blog, the topics that interested them, and the search terms used that pointed them my way. It is not reassuring. They overwhelmingly comprise a rather odd set of search terms people used to access my blog, which one can track from whence and, through the search terms used, what issues piqued the readers interest and led them to read your stuff. It gives me a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, and all time report of what search terms were used. Separately it tells you whether readers arrived via a FB, Twitter, or other blog or website referral.

My wordpress blog was only created in September. The top search term—overwhelmingly—was for “korean sex” used 550 times, followed well behind by “what is a cornball brother” with 76.  To my chagrin Cambodia, North Korea, the Khmer Rouge, or for that matter, Nate Thayer, came in well near the bottom of the pack.

The overwhelming topic of interest was sex, of which is not among the topics that dominate my scribbling. The search terms were variations of the theme sex, with among the top 20 “sex Korean”; “koreansex”;   “korean”; “korea”; “www.north korean; “north korean porn”; “korya sex”; “sex in north korea”; “free sex”; ”korean couple”; “north korean women”; “hot north korean women”; “pyongyang porn”; “koreansex”; “korean couple sex”; “handsome north korean men”; koren sex”; “korean sex porn“; “korea sex free”; “north korean [porn”; “North korean porn hardcore”; “North Koreaa porn xxx”.

The next most popular search terms involved the dead brit nurse who answered the Aussie radio pranksters phone call posing as the Queen of England and Prince Charles of which all the terms involved a British royal conspiracy behind the “murdered” nurse who committed suicide after the publicity.

They included: “nurse killed by royal family”; “english nurse royal conspiracy”; “ british royal family murder”; “royal family killed nurse”; “royal family murdered nurse”; “british nurse suicide or murder”; “was kate’s nurse executed” ;“royal nurse was murdered by queen”; ”royal family british secret”; “royal family nurse murderers”; “british nurse suicide”; “nurse death royal family conspiracy”;     “nurse murdered by royal family”; “royal family killed nurse”; “royal family murder nurse”; “royal nurse murdered”; “was royal nurse murdered”; “korea sexy wellpaper”; “royal family conspiracy nurse death”; “british nurse murdered by monarchy”; “royal nurse suicide really murder?”; ‘british royl familiy assassination nurse”;“was the royal nurse murdered”; “royal family mafia killed the nurse”; “royal family prank call nurse murdered”; “royal family has nurse executed’; “royals arranged murder of nurse”;“royal family killed nurse conspiracy”; “dark secrets of the royal family uk”; “kates nurse death first thought murder”; “nurse conspiracy royal family”; “royal family kiledl nurse in England”; “the royal family killed the nurse”: “royals murdered nurse“; “did the royal family murder the nurse”; “nurse death conspiracy”; “nurse killed by royal family”

The third most popular category involved the affair between Paula Broadwell and CIA director David Petraeus.

These terms included:  “paula dean kranz jew”; “paula broadwell fucking”; “paula broadwell slut”; “”paula dean kranz”; “paula broadwell mossad”; “parents of paula dean kranz broadwell”; “paula broadwell facking”; “”paula dean kranz”; “is paula dean kranz jewiish”; “who was general petraeus fucking”; “paula kranz broadwell jewish”; “fucking broadwell”; “parents of paula dean kranz broadwell”    

There were two searches for “women thayer is getting fuck”.

Given I wrote exactly one article involving Korean sex, Pyongyang Porn: made in Scotland on Sept 8, 2012, a satirical article on how many people in the U.K seriously believed there was a vast British monarchy conspiracy that murdered the nurse to prevent the revelations of some dark secret, In December that was, well, never specified what it was, and one article on why Broadwell fucking Petraeus really was not a matter of my interest nor one of national security in December, and more than 50 articles on what consists of the topics which comprise a good chunk of my life’s work on North Korean, Cambodia, and the Khmer Rouge, it was all a bit depressing.



One Response to “Analysis of What Topics Interest Readers of My Blog Alarming: Sex, British Royal Murder Plot, CIA Mistress Outperform North Korea, Cambodia, Pol Pot, Journalism”

  1. pouringmyartout January 6, 2013 at 1:33 pm #

    Sorry… I thought we were going to talk about English royal porn sold to Korean mistresses working for CIA gaents working under cover as journalists while smoking pot.. because that is what I typed in the search thing…


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