New Edition Of ‘Bible Of Psychiatry’ Combines Witch Doctor Hocus Pocus With Boneheaded, Unsupported Diseases in the Service of For-Profit Dope Dealers Industry

4 Dec

Please Stop Telling Me How I am Given Permission to Fuck, What I should Like When I do, With Whom to do so with, How Often I should Enjoy It, and Injecting Your Religious Fairy Tales as a Guidebook. And Quit selling your Soul to be in the Service of the Legal Dope Dealers While Telling me What Makes me Insane. And Please Stop Stigmatizing Children by Telling them Something is Wrong With Them. And while you are at it, fight to end the stigma against the very real serious mental illnesses and figure out a way to make affordable treatment for them possible

New Edition Of ‘Bible Of Psychiatry’ Combines Witch Doctor Hocus Pocus With Boneheaded, Unsupported Diseases in the Service of For-Profit Dope Dealers Industry

By Nate Thayer

Revisions of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the Bible of psychiatry put out by the American Psychiatric Association, were released today. Thank God they didn’t have these in my youth. I would still be incarcerated. It is the 5th revision of the DSM.

The revision, announced Saturday, has been more than a decade in the making and included input from more than 1,500 experts in all walks of medicine in 39 countries. The changes to the DSM  are updates to “what we consider psychopathology” said a spokesman for what are officially recognized diseases.

Let me make clear, the stigmatization, lack of medical insurance and therefore treatment and resulting unspeakable suffering that goes untreated for the mentally ill is despicable and criminal.
Let me also make clear that many of these boneheads leading the medical profession on mental illness simply have no idea what they talking about, injecting social mores as the basis of defining illness, far too many in the pocket of the billion dollar dope dealing industry, who just happen to have done the research to create a medication for something they then pay politicians to newly define as a disease, so they can reap billions from the equally despicable insurance industry, drugging with chemicals many of which have horrific side effects, and basing this from little more than hocus pocus.
And these people are stigmatizing children and the different instead of celebrating them.

And far too often blaming the real sufferers for their very real mental illnesses as being their own fault.
In effect too often telling the wrong people how they can think and how they can fuck or they are officially diseased.  And ignoring the real suffers while they work in the paid service as pimps and they are in the service of the drug companies who them make billions out of drugging far too many with new concoctions they just happen to have ready to treat these new diseases.

To which these private for profit legal dope dealers get reimbursed from insurance companies, who use the DSM as THE guideline.
The fourth and previous edition has been in effect since 1994. The Third Edition came out in the 1970’s.

Those ones brought us a host of now discredited ‘diseases’ and a generation of legally doped up children and relegated the lives of thr truly suffering to cockamamie theories and unnafforbale treatments, most of which there is precious little data to show that they are effective, why, or what the often more debilitation side effects are.

And in this DSM edition, for instance, dyslexia was not dropped from the manual, as was the expectation. Dyslexia is a disease for those who have been diagnosed with an inability to read and write with sufficient acumen.

As I was diagnosed with that at age 12, obviously, given my career choice and modicum of success, I take exception with some pretty strong personal research.
Sorta like my 9th grade English teacher giving me a failed grade for using the word “and” to begin a proper and acceptable sentence. And to whom I say:“And fuck you.”
Which brings me to the next category in the APA unimpressive history of attaching pathos to sexual predilections.
On the plus side one leading contender for new diseases that got cut from the team is “hypersexual disorder,” otherwise known as sex addiction. If you have that, you are still not technically insane.

That is depending on HOW much you like to Fuck, how you prefer to do so, and with whom and in what manner.
One APA doctor explained that if one  really, really, like sex A LOT it is a “symptom of other disorders, such as personality disorders.” “Hypersexual disorder” now comes under the rubric in the new DSM manual under the a new category for  “behavioral addictions.”
Also, “gender identity disorder” is now “gender dysphoria,” which means “emotional distress over one’s gender.”

Defenders say it is akin to removing homosexuality as a mental illness in the diagnostic manual, which happened in the 3rd Edition of the DSM by these same people. Which means being Gay WAS a disease according to this stellar cabal of clueless boneheads when I reached puberty.
Other major changes in the new APA DSM-5 included:
•    Binge-eating disorder is now an official diagnosis. A psychiatrist who is a critic of the new DSM says this:”Excessive eating 13 times in three months is no longer just a manifestation of gluttony and the easy availability of really great tasting food.”  But the APA says the change “better represents the symptoms and behaviors of people with this condition.”
•    Children with persistent irritability and frequent tantrums (three or more a week for over a year) will receive a diagnosis of disruptive mood dysregulation disorder. The APA says this addresses concerns about the over-diagnosis of ADHD.  ADHD was a disease created out of –I don’t know just out Poof! In 1994. Now tens of millions of children are force fed by legal dope dealers for a disease that really is a compendium of symptoms otherwise known as childhood for most diagnosed. And now the APA is backing off that one. Critics say it will do the opposite, equating temper tantrums with mental disorders.
•    Skin picking will be a new disorder related to obsessive-compulsive disorders.
•    Hoarding is a new disorder that will describe “people with persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions, regardless of their actual value.”
•    Grief used to be considered normal in people with symptoms of depression lasting less than two months after the death of a loved one. Now such people may receive a diagnosis of depressive disorder. “This reflects the recognition that bereavement is a severe psychosocial stressor that can precipitate a major depressive episode beginning soon after the loss of a loved one,” the APA says. Critics say now “pills and superficial medical rituals” will replace “the deep consolations of family, friends, religion, and the resiliency that comes with time and the acceptance of the limitations of life.”
•    Substance-use disorder now combines the old categories of substance abuse and substance dependence. Critics say that now anyone who really really overdoes it once, is now in the same medical category as life time addicts.
The DSM affects millions of children and adults worldwide, is a major revenue force for drug companies, medical practitioners, and insurance companies, and is the guidebook for who gets treatment paid for and how schools decide to categorize children as special needs children.
Equating ‘problem children’ with diseased children is a common theme of critics, such as making recurrent temper tantrums into “disruptive mood dysregulation disorder.”Defenders say that it will address the problem of the increase of diagnosing tens of millions of children with Bipolar Disorder which was, you guessed it, was created by these same folks and made a disease in 1994. That diagnosis is now generally accepted to have been far too broadly applied, placing millions of children on serious medications , many with harsh side effects. Other say that making bad temper tantrums a disease with cut back on over diagnozise of Attention Deficit Disorder. Which was also created by these same folks as a disease in 1994.
Others say it will stigmatize kids with temper tantrums. The logic is that “too many kids (are) being misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and treated with powerful psychiatric drugs for the wrong illness.” Said one APA doctor in defending the new diseases: “We don’t know what these kids need. We suspect it’s something different than kids with true bipolar.”
The age cutoff for symptoms of  “the inattentive form of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)” has been increased to 14.

Binge-eating disorder has been promoted from a condition “needing further study” to a recognized medical condition, allowing medical insurance reimbursement.
A new disease called “disruptive mood dysregulation disorder,” which is “persistent irritability and frequent episodes of behavior outbursts three or more times a week for more than a year.”
While designed to cut back on diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder (which only became a disease in 1994, again by this cabal of charlatans), skeptics are concerned it just “medicalizes temper tantrums.”

“This is much more extreme than a tantrum,” offered one doctor. “There are definitely those kids where the tantrums and irritability are very chronic and very severe. A lot of kids who were captured by a bipolar diagnosis may be captured by this.”

Also there is the new diseases of “excoriation (skin-picking) disorder” and “hoarding disorder” which are now diseases under  “obsessive-compulsive and related disorders.”

Grief is now also a new disease on the block, explaining “bereavement is a severe psychosocial stressor that can precipitate a major depressive episode,” according to the American Psychiatric Association.

Something called “psychotic risk syndrome,” also was dropped from the final document, as was

Also, joining the fray is excessive “Internet gaming” which has been upgraded to medical conditions requiring “further research”, the precursor category to a full fledge recognized disease.

Mental Illness is far too pervasive, serious, stigmatized, untreated, and unaffordable to be left in the hands of these modern day witch doctors whom are in the employee of the very scum of unregulated capitalism.

Plus, stay the  fuck out of my bedroom. Let’s start with that.


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